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Make Up Your MIND!!!

Everywhere around me, I see perfect business owners building perfect businesses and I think to myself … Self, how are they doing it? It’s like, they have it all together, they have it all figured out. What’s their secret? Often, I second guess myself. Tailoring how I move in building my business based on other people. I start thinking, I need to do what this person is doing, or what that person is doing. I need to be like them… Right!?!!! Wrong.

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Unicorn Maternity Shoot

Can I just say how excited I am to finally be sharing this with you!?!! Ok, so here's all the deets: We were asked to take part in this magical unicorn maternity shoot, shot by the amazing Christine of C. Wright Photography, for a gorgeous mommy-to-be... & of course we couldn't resist!!! We (when I say we, I mean me, Kourtnie) love unicorns just as much as the next person.. scratch that, we love them MORE!!! I'm absolutely sure of it!!! As our mommy-to-be neared her last few weeks of pregnancy, she wanted to celebrate with some beautiful photos to remember this amazing time in her life.

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