Alaan Studios



“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearlyour whole life would change."
 – Buddha 

There is an unparalleled beauty in a flower's bloom. But beyond the beauty of the flower, is the opportunity to appreciate beauty in so much more. Some of those opportunities are, admittedly, not as easy as others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it…even if you have to imagine it. 

We all have an imagination. And the best part is, we aren’t bound by any limitations! What’s even cooler is when you can figure out a way to make that dope ass idea, a reality. 

Our philosophy at Alaan Studios is to “Imagine the World in Full Bloom”. The message of this statement signals us to look for the best in everything. It empowers us with the chance to view the world from the lens of our imagination and seize the opportunity to realize that very vision.

For us, imagining the world in full bloom applies to everything the world has to offer. It’s the beauty of family gathering in love. It’s kindness between strangers. It’s a captivating song. It’s Granny and Grandad still in love (and showin’ it!) after over 60 years of marriage. It’s a matter of being present to appreciate the beauty in the moment. 

We all have something beautiful to contribute. And sometimes, it’s as simple as a smile. Other times, you gotta get hype about that vision of beauty cuz you understand that you gotta just do it, and make that ish happen, and build that bad-ass flower wall for your wedding, cuz you gon’ have you a flower wall for your wedding, and go hard and do it all by hand, even if it takes a year, and then you get married in front of your magical fantasy wedding wall and-- I’m sorry, I digress.  

But seriously though, our wedding was pretty dope!!! 

Flowers are unequivocally, transcendently beautiful. They communicate what words can't. We love flowers. She does. He does. We does. We love flowers!!!

Imagining the world in full bloom just pushes us to do our part in adding our own unique touch of beauty in all we see. We are always inspired by others' perspectives of beauty. And would love to to hear your story. So, how do you imagine the world in full bloom?

Kourtnie + Cory's Wedding!!! Flower Wall: @AlaanStudios Event Designer: Johanna Terry Events Photography: EVOKE Videography: Luxe Films Houston