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Hello, all! I am “The Cory”, and I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 11 selling cool-cups and candy bars out of the garage (thanks dad!). Before that, I’d been an inventor, or troublemaker depending on who you ask. The most important thing to know about me is that I love snacks! Like, passionately. Get to know me, and you’ll probably be the victim of fried calories.

When Kourtnie approached me with wanting to do a floral artistry business, I was like “damn!” But then, it opened the door for my passions of design, engineering, and marketing. So now, it’s a good thing!


Hey guys! I’m Kourtnie. I’ve been an entrepreneur since age of 5 when my sister and I had a business selling doodle bugs to our neighbors. Hey! Don’t judge us because we were killing it until our mom found out and made us give all of the money that we made back!!! I’m also the head DIYer in charge around here, and most days you can find me in the studio making some pretty dope stuff!!! In 2015, I married my partner in crime, ‘The Cory’, and we were encouraged to start our own company because of a floral wall that we created for the event!!! I totally thought that paper floral artistry was the end all be all for our business, but there were so many other things that we wanted to do!!!

Alaan Studios is the essence of all things me, or that inspire me… including but not limited to paper artistry, DIYs, meaningless trips to Target, dope ass design, really neat packaging, confetti, break-n-bake cookies, adult beverages, decorating, and all things cool, weird, and interesting!!!

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